Course Price:
Includes: Intensive Theory Course, Teaching material, Theory test online practice (3000 questions bank) and Formal Procedures.

Theoretical Course:

Each month we hold a two weekend long intensive course:

First weekend: Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 6pm. We cover all the concepts, rules and vocabulary necessary to pass the exam. All explained in English.

Second weekend: Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm. We practice sample exams with the instructor in the room to help the students with questions, translation issues and to other inconveniences.

Theoretical Exam:

The official theoretical exam is multiple choice 30 questions test, you must answer within 30 minutes, In order to pass, students must miss no more than 3 questions.

The exams will be done at the Official DGT building (la campana).

Students must bring both a passport and NIE, both original (not a copy) and cannot be expired.

Behind the wheel Driving Classes:

English-speaking instructors are available to give driving lessons in both manual (stick) and automatic cars. (There is no minimum number of classes required)

Each class lasts 45 minutes.

The classes are one-on-one and can be reserved from 8h to 21h, Monday to Friday.

Driving exam

On road driving exam consists on driving approximately 30 minutes around Barcelona under the supervision of a representative of the D.G.T. (Jefatura Provincial de Barcelona).

The time and date of the test will be pre-scheduled.

Students must bring both a passport and NIE. Each of these documents should be the original, (not a copy) and cannot be expired.

To obtain a driving license in Spain, you must first be a resident. (Residents are issued the NIE card)
3 Pictures
1 Oficial medical certificate (C/ Balmes, 281, esquina Plaza Molina)
2 Photocopies of your Passport
2 Fotocopies of your NIE.

*Does not include: driving lessons, government fees and exam fees.

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