In order for the date of issue of you new Spanish driving license to be the same as that of your home country license, you should bring the following documentation:

Age recognition driving license foreigner

Duplicate application: signed by the applicant

When documentation is not presented by the holder, the representative should bring authorization that clearly expresses consent to process the application.


  • Inscription certificate in the Foreigners’ Registration Center for non-UE Citizens: a valid (unexpired) original. This is commonly referred to as the “NIE”.
  • Original Spanish Driving permission card.
  • Foreign Driver’s license from non-UE Citizens that at least one year old.
  • Certificate from the authority that issued it, that accredits that the license is authentic, indicating the date of issue and the classes of vehicles that the license authorizes the holder driver. The certificate should be approved by the consulate of the corresponding country or legalized by the Apostille of the Hague. If they are not written in Spanish an official translation will be need as well
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