Among The Best Driving Schools In Barcelona


Corsa Driving School in Barcelona provides students with instructional driving classes in English at their own convenience (one to one clases, intensive classroom courses and online) – one of the many reasons why we’ve become one of the best driving schools in Barcelona. The 4 day intensive traffic school course allows students to learn fast, going through every necessary concept and answering quiz questions. This approach lets students work through areas they need help with and better prepares them for behind the wheel driving instruction. Our one to one clases adapt the teaching to each of our students and allows them to organice their ownschedule (at home or at school).

Research suggests that room driving lessons are more effective than online courses, but online classes also help students stay focused on the material and actively participate.

Our flexible courses are taught by certified driving instructors. So don’t trust yours or your child’s safety to just anyone. Our proven success as driving instructors combined with your one-on-one driving training sessions with your student will have you and your teen on the road to safe driving in no time.

We offer Class Room Intensive 4 day courses, Online and Behind the Wheel Instruction to assist the teen and adult in learning to drive and getting their driver’s license. Our Drivers Education programs are DGT approved and offer a comprehensive learning experience at school or in the comfort of your own home.

We know International students are given a six-month period to complete the program plus we cater to your busy schedule!


Corsa Driving School in Barcelona provides a personal and courteous touch to behind the wheel driving instruction. With our professionally trained driving instructors, students learn the rules of the road in Barcelona firsthand. Each student receives private one-on-one driving lessons. This allows instructors to help identify which areas of driving and safety a student needs to work on before taking the Barcelona Driver Test.

Corsa Driving School provides each student as many hours of experienced driving instruction as needed (with no minimum or maximum) on days, nights and weekends as well as special package hourly rates, we make drivers ed both easy and affordable. Not only do our instructors prepare students for each section of the Barcelona driver’s test, but we also focus on areas that the road test does not cover, such as safety-based situational driving and advanced maneuvers.

Students attending our driving school in Barcelona learn everything from parallel and diagonal parking to two-points turns, three-points turns and U-turns. Most importantly, instructors teach students how to safely drive on the freeway, stay focused on the road and learn to trust their progress and experience from their driving lessons. Corsa Driving School builds better drivers in Barcelona by establishing safety, experience and confidence.


Corsa Driving School in Barcelona turns the Spanish Diver Test into a hassle-free experience.

We schedule the driver’s test through the DGT, meet the student in one of our latemodel vehicles and perform the driving test. Previously (the day before the exam) we do a lesson to go over the exam area and help the student feel comfortable before taking the test. By taking care of the appointment, proof of insurance and providing a safe and easy to operate vehicle, Corsa Driving School takes away unnecessary stresses from the driver test.

Students that work with our professionally trained driving instructors through our Behind the Wheel drivers ed program are better prepared for the Barcelona driver test.

By feeling more at ease with their personal instructor, students have more success taking the test. For most practiced students, knowledge of driving rules and operation of the vehicle is not the difficult part; the added stresses and pressure of the driver test is what causes problems. Corsa Driving School takes the anxiety out of the exam and turns out better, safer drivers in Barcelona!